How It Works

TrafficTalk is building on the success of our voice-based crowdsourcing approach with the introduction of “Shouts”, “Chatter Streams”, and “Talk Bubbles”.

Drivers will soon have the ability to record and share “Shouts” describing traffic conditions using their mobile phone, and listen to route-specific audio “Chatter Streams” made up of the Shouts recorded by people on the road ahead. The narrow focus of our Chatter Streams ensures that drivers get the information most relevant to their commute.

Tired of being surprised by sudden back-ups, our smartphone app users will activate the traffic alert function when they hit the road and receive our “Early Warning Chatter Alerts”, making them aware of potential problems ahead--before it’s too late.

People planning their commute by viewing maps on their office PC or smartphone before they hit the road, can access TrafficTalk’s Chatter Streams with “Talk Bubble” enhancements, providing a visual indication of the location of drivers as they are sharing information.

With the help of speech-to-text translation technologies, a TrafficTalk Producer turns these robust, real-time, eyewitness traffic details into text-based “incident data” for use by broadcast affiliates, traffic reporting partners and other customers. Thus, one eyewitness can help thousands of drivers avoid or escape a traffic incident.

Click here for a PDF flyer of “How TrafficTalk 2.0 Works”.

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